Members’ Guide

In other words, Frequently Asked Questions.

A- Core Values:

At WitWork, we aim to create productive, welcoming, and inspired environments for everyone.

The two below core values are the center of our Etiquette Guidelines.


  1. The WitWork Promise 


WitWork gives you work spaces to be productive, be social, be inspired, in the city. We will aim to curate a special experience and then get out of your way. Maintaining communal etiquette standards helps us consistently deliver on this promise, and make everyone feel welcome.


  1. Constant Feedback


We believe that hospitality and service are important to building the cities we want to live in. We live to serve our community, of which YOU are a valuable member. That’s why, your voice matters to us and we encourage you to help us by sharing your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. So please, don’t hold back.


Now, please take a moment to read our simple and empathetic community guidelines. If you’re interested in discussing them further, we encourage you to contact us on location or online.


Respect the volume


Community is one of the pillars of a co-working space. We encourage you to talk to surrounding members, say hello and get to know their story and join in-space events… That said, while interacting, we ask you to be mindful of others around you. Please chat at a respectful volume allowing other members to be productive in the space.


Conscious and Courteous Phone Calls


We know you’ll likely need to make a few calls during your workdays at WitWork. This is totally understandable if that’s what, and certainly encouraged if that is what your business needs. But,

please do your best to conduct calls at an appropriate volume, no louder than it would be if you were

in a conversation with someone at your own table. Additionally, please avoid excessive pacing through

the space while on the phone. Movement can be more distracting to productivity than noise.


Cleanliness is next to Godliness


WitWork Hosts are always available to help you remain productive throughout the day and ensure the ambiance and cleanliness of each space. Hosts provide and maintain clean, accessible waste baskets and bins for plate and glassware, but we ask that you service your own table items at all times.




Smell is the most powerful human sense especially in indoor spaces. At WitWork, please be mindful of other people’s “scentivities” and think twice before you apply that third spritz of your favorite perfume.


Table Sharing, Making Friends!


From time to time, the WitWork location you’re in may be bustling and close to full. In these instances please consider sharing your space with another member. You may even make a new connection, a new partner or a new friend!


Dress Code


Part of the appeal of WitWork is the elegant environment we offer to our members. Please help us maintain cleanliness and our refined environment by wearing appropriate clothes and shoes, especially that we are working in restaurant environments that should comply with the Health Authorities Codes and Regulations.



Concerns about another Member


Some members may not be as conscious about the shared space as others and that can get annoying

and sometimes even uncomfortable. If you’re experiencing such an issue, please contact your host or reach out to us via email. Don’t worry, it’s our job to make you comfortable and help you avoid any awkward personal interactions.



Adults Only


WitWork is a service that’s meant for professional adults who are here to work or meet. Therefore, the age limit is 18+. Not only is it the courteous thing to do not to bring your precious little ones with you to work, it’s also not the safest environment for children. At some point, we may open specific Kid-friendly locations, but for now, we are hoping to achieve a professional adult atmosphere and we for your understanding.



B-  How to reach us

Lost and found items


Our hosts check our spaces at the end of WitWork hours, on a daily basis. If they ever come across a forgotten item, the item gets documented and held in storage until someone reaches out to us to claim it. If you think you’ve forgotten an item at one of our locations, feel free to approach the host at your WitWork location or reach out to us online. We will ask you to describe the item to us in order to identify you as its

rightful owner.


In Person


We love to speak with our existing and prospective members! At each of our co-working locations, we will have WitWork hosts. Our hosts are there to welcome you and your guests at the front desk, and are very knowledgeable. Feel free to drop by any of our locations to ask them questions about how WitWork works. If you’re already a member, walk up to the host stand and ask them for help, if you need any. If they don’t have an answer, they’ll point you in the right direction.



C-  1-Week Free Trial

Referral Program: Earn WitWork credit during your trial week by referring friends


While you’re testing out WitWork in your first free week, you can share your personal referral code with friends to earn credit toward WitWork membership. If you decide to become a member, we’ll apply the credit to your membership invoices. Your friends will also get a credit amount off their first month when they become a monthly member.  Let’s say you refer four people that become monthly members, that is extra credit for your account. So, your first couple of months of WitWork could be absolutely free!


How to find your referral code and share it on Facebook, Twitter, email, or simply copy/paste/send:

–           go to WitWork.co on your phone or computer and sign in

–           Once you’re signed in, you’ll see the Referral card on your dashboard:

There’s no limit to the amount of credit you can earn!


Free Week Trial Guest Policy: Can I host a guest during my free week trial?


This perk is reserved for WitWork members. During your free week trial, you are welcome to invite others, but your guests will need to also use a free trial week. Once you’re a WitWork member or purchase a Day Pass, you can host unlimited guests. The first hour for each guest is free. After that, it’s paid per hour with

a cap that is the cost of a Day Pass.


How does the free week trial work?


Your free trial is seven consecutive days and begins when you check into a WitWork location. During

your free week, you’ll have unlimited access to all our locations and can enjoy free coffee, tea, and refreshments as well as attend events taking place in our locations. Check out the event calendar.

Signing up for the free trial: How do I sign up and start my free trial?


Show up at any WitWork location and tell the host that you’re there for your free trial. They’ll give you the tour, get you set up on WIFI and point you toward the free coffee; it’s that easy. Or else, you can sign up online ahead of time so we recognize you when you reach. Either way, no reservations are needed. We encourage you to visit as many locations as you like so you can fully appreciate the WitWork vibe.


D-  Purchasing a WitWork membership or Day Pass

Memberships term: Any long-term commitment?


While we hope you’ll stay with us for a long time, WitWork is a subscription service that automatically renews each month from the original date of purchase, but there’s no long-term commitment. You can cancel anytime.


Paying for your membership, guests, or lunch:
What forms of payment do you accept?


We only accept credit cards at this time. Once your credit card is on file it will be used to pay for your monthly WitWork membership, any guests that stay longer than their first free hour.


Is there a discount on annual memberships?


If you’re interested in purchasing an annual membership at a discounted rate, please contact us online

and we will work it out for you.


Day passes: How do I purchase a Day Pass?


Everyone starts by using a Free Trial Week. Once your trial week is finished, the next time you check into a WitWork location, we’ll present you with the option of either buying a Day Pass or a Monthly Membership.


E-  Managing my WitWork membership Canceling and billing cycles

Your WitWork member profile picture


When you sign up for WitWork, for a Free Trial or as a paying member, you will be asked for a profile picture for your account. Please know that your profile photo is used as a way for WitWork hosts to

verify members only. Your picture will not be share publicly without your express permission.


Requesting a refund for your WitWork membership 


As per the terms and conditions of a WitWork membership, membership fees are non-refundable and auto-renewable. However, we understand that things happen and plans change. To allow you the flexibility that your work life requires, we offer a 24-hour grace period to receive a 100% refund (minus service fees)

on monthly membership renewals. And if you are within 72 hours of your membership renewal and have not visited a WitWork location, you may receive a credit on your account; however, refunds are not permitted 72 hours after the payment has been processed.


Canceling your WitWork membership


If you need to cancel your WitWork membership, you can do so at any time on your WitWork Dashboard. Please keep in mind that if you’d like to reactivate your membership in the future, you can rejoin whenever you’re ready.


Prorated refunds and cancellations:


Your WitWork membership is a recurring monthly charge that offers you unlimited access to all WitWork locations. Similar to a gym membership, how much you use of it is completely up to you! While we don’t offer prorated refunds or partial-month memberships, you’re always welcome to continue to use WitWork until the end of your billing cycle.



F-  Services & Amenities at WitWork

WitWork Referral Program


When you purchase a WitWork membership, you will receive a personal referral code that you can share with your friends and colleagues. For every new person you refer to WitWork who signs up with your code, you will receive credit and they will receive the same amount off their first month. Referral codes can only be redeemed by individuals when they first sign up for a monthly WitWork membership.If you have previously had a WitWork membership and are reactivating your account, you’re not eligible to redeem someone’s referral code. However, there is no limit to how many new members sign up using your referral code. The more members you bring in with your code means more credit on your account!


Accessing WitWork Locations


A WitWork membership gives you access to all locations in our network across all cities in which we operate now or in the future. If you purchase a membership in Dubai, once we open locations in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, etc. your membership will give you the same access to locations there. It’s a membership that grows, while remaining at the same price.


Extended hours at WitWork


All Extended Hours locations are subject to the occasional service interruption due to private events by our restaurant partners, and you can find up to date hours of operation by checking each location’s space page on our website. We’ll be adding more Extended Hours locations to our network soon.


Transition from co-working to restaurant


At all of our locations, you are welcome to grab a drink and grab a bite to eat when the restaurant opens. Some of our restaurant partners allow laptops open if you grab a drink, but it varies from space to space.


WitWork hours of operation


Generally speaking, our spaces are open Sunday – Thursday between 8:30am – 5:30pm, but it depends

on the venue. We will begin offering a few spaces with extended evening and weekend hours. Exact and location-specific hours can be found on our website.


Noise levels at WitWork


Since our partner restaurants are closed during the day when your meeting takes place, WitWork is in complete control of the environment. We have ambient music playing to help you focus. Our members

are respectful of their fellow co-workers and are mindful of the volume of conversations and phone calls.


Overnight storage


Unfortunately, we don’t have lockers. We share the space of our restaurant partners in each location,

so we are not able to accommodate overnight storage.


Leaving belongings at WitWork


As we are a closed door, members-only community, we consider WitWork to be a safe, respectful environment, and our hosts do their best to keep an eye on things. However, as we can’t be liable for a member’s items, we recommend you always keep them with you.


Hosting a meeting at WitWork


If you’re hosting a small meeting with less than 5 people and you don’t need a private room, feel free to just show up and grab a table for your group. If your meeting attendees are not WitWork members, they’ll need to be checked in as your guests. If you’re hosting a larger meeting and would like to book a private conference room, please check out our Meeting Rooms section.


Hosts of WitWork


Each location will have a couple of friendly hosts to greet you and your guests. Think of them as a hybrid of a hotel concierge and an office manager. Ask them anything. If they don’t have the answer they can find someone who does.


WIFI speed


Insanely fast. Fast enough to have a multi-person video conference call and work on multiple web apps at once. The best part is, no matter which location you visit, the WiFi is tuned to perfection.


Guest Policy: Bringing clients and friends to WitWork


Monthly Members and Day Pass holders can host unlimited guests. If you are still within your free trial week, you can have people meet you in our locations, but your guests will be asked to start their own free trials.


First Hour Free (15 AED/HR reaching a maximum fee of 75 AED/guest). Each of your guests gets the first hour free. If they stay longer, you’ll be charged 15AED/hr (with a maximum charge of 75AED per guest). Charges for guests are triggered to your card on file when you check out for the day.


Teams & Guests: Team members can have guests, but the fees will be tied to the team leader’s credit card on file. Each guest is free for their first hour only, regardless of how many team members the person will be meeting with. We do not transfer guests from one team member to another. The guest is associated with the team.


How it Works:


A-    Check In


If you are expecting a guest, please let the host at the front desk know, so they can welcome them and notify you upon their arrival. When your guests arrive, the host at the front desk will ask for their first name, and who they’re here to see; we do not ask your guests to create WitWork accounts, nor do we collect their emails. You’ll then receive a message from the host informing you of their arrival.


B-    Check Out


Our hosts do their best to check your guests out when they leave, but to make sure you are not charged

for extra time, tell your guests to let the hosts know when they leave and follow up with the host to confirm that your guests have been checked out. Don’t worry if your guests were not checked out when they left, our hosts will sort it out for you.



G-   Private Meeting Rooms

What is the price of a private meeting room?


The price varies depending on the location, room size and time. 

It depends on the size and duration of the meeting or event. To learn more, and start a booking request, head over to our Meeting Rooms section.


Do I need to be a WitWork member to book a private meeting room?


WitWork membership is not required to book private meeting rooms, but WitWork members get a discounted hourly rate. WitWork is a great off-site meeting solution for people visiting from outside the city or the country.


I see you offer private meeting rooms. Where are they?


Inside nearly all of our partner restaurants, there is at least one room available for private meetings.

In the restaurant, they’re typically called Chef’s Tables or private dining rooms. We also have a wide selection of meeting rooms in neighboring hotels to suit your needs. Each space is truly unique, with incredible attention to detail. View our Meeting Rooms section to see the types of rooms you can book.

If you’re not sure which room is best to fit your needs, please send us an email with the date, time, and number of people you’re expecting.


Private Conference Room Booking


Events facilitated by WitWork are typically hosted between the hours of 8:30am-5:30pm, but some of our locations now offer evening and weekend access. Please let us know if an event may extend beyond those hours and we will do our best to accommodate you. At the end of the day, you and your attendees are welcome to stay for cocktails at the bar, or ask a WitWork host to assist you in arranging a table for dinner.


Private Conference Rooms


You may cancel your reservation for a full refund up to 24 hours prior to your scheduled event. Cancellation requests received within 24 hours will result in a 50% refund. If you need to cancel right now, please email us asap with a request.


How private are the rooms?


The rooms range from fully private to semi-private. Semi-private means that, while there are doors that close, they are made of glass, and may not completely block out sound. Fully private rooms are virtually sound-proof. We’ll help you find the room that best suits your meeting.


H-  WitWork for Teams Starting, managing, and paying for a team account.


Private rooms for teams


Most of our locations have at least one private conference room that can be reserved by the hour, or blocked out for one or more days. Because we use the restaurant’s private dining rooms and event spaces, they tend to be way more inspiring than the average office conference room. We have whiteboards and projector/screens, and our hospitality team can usually accommodate most special requests. And of course, catering is optional if desired. Talk to our hosts or email us for details.


WitWork for large teams


It depends on the size of the team, and the nature of the business. We’re happy to discuss your specific needs. Send us an email and we will work it out for you.


WitWork team account holder


If you are a manager at a company looking to cover the membership fees for people on your team, we can make it work for you.


Billing for a team account, on team account holder


That’s one of the main reasons we’ve made this option available. We know how painful expense reporting can be, especially for young companies where time and money are not unlimited. Not only will it free your team from having to track and submit expenses every month, but you’ll save money too.


Adding and removing members from your team


It’s easy to manage your team. In your WitWork profile view, you’ll see a tab called “My Team” where you’ll find a list of everyone on your team. If you remove someone mid-month, they’ll still be paid through the current month, but you won’t be charged again for that team member. Pro-rated refunds are not permitted for mid-month cancellations.


WitWork for Teams & Discounts


As a WitWork member, you can create a team.


Once your team reaches five members including yourself, then the discount is 50AED off per person per month. Once your team reaches ten or more members, then the discount is 75AED per person per month. Anyone you add to your team will be billed under a single credit card to make expense reporting easy. It’s like a “put it on my tab” feature for those who work for you.


Guest Policy for Teams


Guests are checked into a location, and associated with a specific team member. All guests’ fees are charged to the team owner’s credit card on file. Team members can use the standard guest policy, and the team owner is charged upon checkout at the end of the day.


NOTE: The first hour for each guest is free. If that same guest meets with different team members, they do not get multiple free hours. It’s only the first hour. 


WitWork in Process.