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Published by WitWork Team on April 18, 2020

An interview with a creative.

Who are you and what do you do?

Since, our world is so big on labels– in that context, I’m what they call– a creative. My occupation lies somewhere in between an artist and a designer; and sometimes I take my learnings to the classroom and teach people who’d listen. I’m sure many people will resonate with this, but it’s really quite difficult to explain what is it that I do. I write (read: also use calligraphic tools), I make art, I design (publications, websites and the like), I make (cartoons and greeting cards),  I have published articles, and made a few short films; Do these make me an artist? I guess. One can say, I create content. But, I’m really a lot more than that label. I create. Period.

To summarize: I’m a being, working for myself, in an attempt to master myself and share my talents with the world in a creative way. So the question isn’t what I do, but what I can do for you– I’m in service of what I’m required to do.


What’s your business?

My business is liberation from the shackles of the conventional work life and be whatever I need to be, without fear. It doesn’t mean I don’t earn my living– I have clients just like any office borne creative; I have meetings and contracts too. The world likes calling my kind ‘freelancers’, but personally I feel like that word comes with the ugly connotation of being a penniless artist.

I’m in the business of working; as Robert Frost in his poem “Two Tramps in Mud Time,” so beautifully puts it:


My object in living is to unite

My avocation and my vocation

As my two eyes make one in sight.

Only where love and need are one,

And the work is play for mortal stakes,

Is the deed ever really done

For Heaven and the future’s sakes.


My business is my practice of creating. It may have flexible timings but it takes daily discipline. It needs great courage to go against the mainstream. And often times it beckons the existential question “What am I doing with my life?”– it’s helpful to have a supportive family and a space like Witwork.


Why is remote work relevant to you and your business day?

The hardest thing about working for yourself is that you have no boss hovering over your head to get work done. Everyone has those days where you just don’t want to go to work– just ‘cause! But like with everything else worth having, in order to have a good practice, you need great habits to support it. Getting up early and going to work– is one of those great habits. This is why having a place to go to is super important. Many like me working from their homes, more power to them. I personally have a difficult relationship with my bed– it’s too needy.

It also always helps to get out of our comfort zones, meet new people, experience different things and be mindful of the world around us. With remote working it doesn’t matter where in the world I am, I need my tools and myself, that’s all– of course a table and unlimited tea, immensely helps the cause.

“You must go out on adventures, to find out where you truly belong.”


What do you like about Witwork? How can it support you better?

It may be a cliché to say, but the best thing about Witwork is, that it gives me the freedom of being myself. I’m not expected to be a label, it doesn’t judge me on what I do or do not do. I don’t need to fit into any category to work within it’s set-up, like several co-working spaces usually require. Witwork also allows for the formality that working requires. It promotes my work as a business and not busy-ness. When I meet fellow co-workers, I know they’re working the grind just like me, trying to manifest their dreams with their hard-work. It feels good to belong to a tribe like that.

Perhaps, the only way, Witwork can support me better, is calling out more of my kind– the creatives, from inside their closets, to come and play! To be ourselves- and not worry about the labels. Just come out and be.



Bio – Ishita Das Alan

An artist, a designer, a writer, a film maker, , a teacher, an over-thinker– Ishita doesn’t believe in being just one label. In fact, she dislikes labels altogether. She resonates with ideas that make her– her. The only label she answers to is human (and the best she can be at that!). Her core principle is to leave the world a better place than she found it and the only way to do that is to be one’s true self with courage and considerations for all life forms. Her motivation lies in speaking for those who can’t speak for themselves– human, nature and built-environment alike. Right now, her voice is fixated on spreading the ideas of Sustainability, De-growth and Love.

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