Remote working is not a passing trend – here’s why

Published by WitWork Team on April 12, 2020

Like many trends, remote working was thought to be a temporary uptick, with companies unable to imagine running a business without an on-site team. It has proved to be quite the opposite, growing at an astronomical rate, and becoming the new norm for companies all over the world.


If you have ever wondered what the hype is about, here are 4 reasons why remote working is more than just a passing trend.

It was always part of the plan

Buffer, a social media management software, conducted a survey about remote working. It discovered that 91% of companies always intended to support remote work. In the UAE, remote working is a common occurrence, with 60% of full-time employees spending at least one day working outside the office. Modern technology allows digital nomads from around the world, in different time zones and countries, to collaborate remotely.

An international presence

With some companies employing remote workers from various parts of the world, the company can claim it has a global presence. This is beneficial for winning international business as well – with employees stationed in several countries, saving on correspondence and air travel expenses. Recruitment also becomes easier as a certain industry’s top talent may be permanently located in another country with no plans of migrating elsewhere.

How commuting affects productivity

Long commutes are a definitive cause in an employee’s general job dissatisfaction – from questioning the value of their job to experiencing higher levels of anxiety. The UK’s Office of National Statistics revealed that employees that have to travel longer than 45 minutes to work are less satisfied with their lives. The Department of Transport revealed that 4,000 people commuted between Dubai and Abu Dhabi in 2014 alone. Remote working frees up time spent commuting to pursue other activities. Remote workers have more time to spend on their hobbies and with their families.

This leads to a spike in wellness and happiness, and in turn, productivity.

Remote working is here to stay

90% of remote workers intend to continue remote working for the rest of their careers. Remote working is particularly attractive to millennials – digital natives that have always understood the potential of technology.

Remote workers are solely responsible for how they manage their time, and in turn, strive to optimize it. Working remotely as little as one day a week has been observed to lead to a 24% increase in employee happiness.



WitWork – anytime, anywhere

WitWork, one of the UAE’s leading flexible working solutions, has over 40 venues across the country. With remote working spaces in the UAE’s leading cafes, restaurants, and hotels – it provides remote workers with everything they need to get a productive day’s work done. WitWork offers clients effortless charging stations, free coffee, exclusive discounts on F&B, a chance to network naturally with fellow remote workers, and engaging workshops.

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