Flexible workspaces’ potential for post-pandemic success

Published by WitWork Team on June 16, 2020

An office is often the last thing we suggest to start ups and solopreneurs. It just doesn’t make financial sense when a business is starting out. In 2021, mega corporations could be following suit, knocking a permanent office down their list of priorities in the post-pandemic world.


The curve ball that is covid-19

Earlier this year, a flexible office provider surveyed fellow flexible office providers. They found that 26% of the people surveyed were optimistic about where this new industry was heading. Who had the biggest smile? North America, followed by Europe and Asia. Covid-19 has affected the rental market around the world – with tenants either seeking rent relief or deciding against renewing their lease. Alternative office space solutions have been equally affected as social distancing rules restricting restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafes came into play.


On demand workspaces are an existing solution to a new problem

As the number of covid-19 cases in the UAE drop, and restrictions gradually ease, the UAE’s workforce is stepping out again. While the rental market may need some time to recover, perhaps with the help of economic stimulus packages launched by the government, a no-strings-attached arrangement could be the go-to option for companies in the meantime.

An arrangement that offers companies incredibly affordable rates. One that gives contracted and freelance workers access to a different “office” every day, if they like. An arrangement that comes with a free coffee.

This is where alternative on demand work spaces step into the picture.


Traditional workers have been prepared for a new reality

Traditional justifications for needing an office, and employees based in the office, ranged from in-person meetings to productivity management. Then a global pandemic forced the world’s workforce to work from home.

Gallup, an analytics and advisory company, found that modern employees crave flexibility. Whether that’s in the form of where they work or in their schedules. This and the possibility of remote working leads to higher employee engagement which leads to greater productivity, profitability, and lower absenteeism.


The value of on demand workspaces

Unconventional workspaces are a creative middle ground between working from home and working from an office. They create a sense of community, which is now more important than ever, given these isolating few months.

Flexible on demand office space solutions, like WitWork, also offer members professional meeting rooms to conduct everything from huddles to pitch presentations in.

Flexibility and innovative solutions have been a saving grace for companies during this time. And they will continue to be, in the post-pandemic world.

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