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Work Space Memberships

Witwork is the
brainchild of two
friends who believe
that great work happens
anywhere, especially
outside the office.

They noticed how hard it was for freelancers and startups to find a decent place to work, meet and pitch exciting ideas. At the same time, co-working spaces were becoming too crowded and overpriced while plenty of coffee shops and restaurants were underutilized during regular office hours.

Work Space Memberships

This inspired WitWork and its mission to offer exclusive and inspiring locations with unparalleled service and amenities so you can focus on bringing your ideas to life, winning the pitch or simply getting the job done. Not only that, WitWork is conceived in a way so that its entire ecosystem benefits i.e. by offering you a spot, restaurants enhance their revenue stream and gain visibillity while underutilized assets don't go to waste, thus contributing to the entire city's sustainability.

WitWork in Process.
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