The newcomer’s guide to working from home

Published by WitWork Team on May 9, 2020

Your office is now 10 feet away from your bedroom. You can work in your pajamas and take as many coffee breaks as you want. But you still have a to-do list to get to the bottom of, and your new work-from-home freedom is acting against you. Working from home is often glamorized in fiction, here’s how to stop working at the coffee table and maximize your productivity.


Set up shop


Working from home rarely looks like what it does in the movies. Nursing an iced cappuccino while smiling at your screen, typing away from the comfort of your couch. Spend a day working like this, and you’ll have accomplished answering five emails by 6 PM. And they’ll probably have typos. Dedicate a no-nonsense workspace to yourself at home. Whether that’s one end of the dining table or setting up that Ikea desk you bought ages ago. Ensure you’re comfortable, are seated in a well lit part of the house, and have an excellent wifi connection. You don’t want to be “that person” in a virtual meeting.


Start your day with a to-do list

The classic quote “when eating an elephant, take one bite at a time” can revolutionize how you manage your workload. A to-do list that runs into eternity can be daunting, but tackling it one task at a time will make it more manageable. Draw on popular productivity hacks like the Pomodoro Technique (working in 25-minute blocks of hyperproductivity), eating a live frog for breakfast (tackling the task that you keep delaying first thing in the morning), and working according to your biological prime time (people are most charged between 10 AM to 12 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM).


Use your words

Your colleagues aren’t mind readers. If you notice a drop in communication and coordination, that’s because you’re all working remotely. Without body language to rely on, you’ll need to communicate with your team and keep them updated in text. Vote for a team organization app or unanimously settle on a status update protocol so you’re all on top of your to-do list and deliverables. Plan your messages in advance during a remote meeting, it’s just as easy to run over time in a virtual meeting as it is in real life. Avoid conversational fillers and going off on unrelated tangents.


Don’t multitask between work and life

In order to enjoy work-life balance, ensure you don’t mix in life when you’re at work, and vice versa. Schedule your social calls after 6 PM and don’t step away from your desk to do the laundry just because you’re at home. This will thin the line between work and life which will result with chores at noon and emails at 9 PM when you’re meant to be spending time with your family.


Once you have the basics covered, you’ll find your pace and can tweak your work from home strategy to transform your output.


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