The Future of the Workplace

Published by WitWork Team on April 18, 2020

The workplace as we knew it is quite literally ceasing to exit.


Office spaces and cubicles that once required isolation, quiet, and anchoring yourself to your desk for eight hours a day are slowly on their way out. This move from a permanent workplace to a more transient and shared coworking space is largely due to the innovation that technology has afforded us over the last few years.

Many decades ago, starting a business often required having a large sum of money to rent a professional office, purchase tools, and pay for many other assorted costs. Today, start-up culture has permeated the business arena—with a good idea and a dedicated team, a successful company can be started with relatively little capital. All you really need is a laptop, internet connection, and the right people in your circle.

The shift away from traditional, cubicle workspaces has also been aided by millennials’ increased desire for freedom from immovable hierarchy and structure both inside and outside the workplace. Previous generations have often looked for stability in all aspects of their life, especially work. This stability was often accompanied by limited innovation and stagnating skills. It’s quite likely that your grandparents had the same job in their fifties as they did in their twenties. What was once viewed as consistency is now viewed by many of today’s young workers as oppressive. Millennials place high value on finding new opportunities and experiencing novel things. Often, this is just as important to them as having a steady work environment. While we all want financial stability, we have also come to recognize that with today’s technology, we can be financially stable and expand our world at the same time.

Due to the major cultural changes that have taken place in the last few years, concepts such as shared working spaces in Dubai have been on the rise. Startup companies, and even huge names such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, have invested in shared work areas. In Dubai, the coworking space community allows young professionals to congregate in venues such as restaurants, cafes, pubs, and meeting rooms, where they can collaborate with like-minded people to increase their productivity and enjoy their work at the same time. Let the ideas flow freely with no walls to stop them!


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