How to effectively manage a remote team

Published by WitWork Team on April 28, 2020

Remote working has been gaining traction over the years, but continues to be somewhat of a novelty in the region. If you and your team are new to the world of remote working, here are some tips that will help you boost team performance and maintain their morale during this time.

Become fluent in “remote” communication

Overcommunication is crucial, especially when your team is new to remote working. The side effects of remote working, feelings of isolation and reduced socialization, can impact your team’s motivation. While usually a smile from across the room or a high five would have sufficed, you must now overcompensate with written and verbal feedback.

Feedback is essential in working and learning, helping optimize employee performance. From mini successes to communication gap-related errors, keep your team in the loop by praising and educating them consistently.

To ensure no team member feels like they’ve slipped through the cracks, host regular one-on-ones in addition to team meetings. Execute team cohesion exercises, as well, to stoke team spirit and inject fun into the work day.

Even though your team is now working from home, there are still eight hours in a work day. Beware the new time-sucking enemy: Zoom fatigue. With screen time being higher than usual now, too many Zoom meetings may cause your team to feel emotionally drained and mentally exhausted.

Boost your workflow with time tracking tools

Timesheets are controversial – some teams feel like they’re a breach of trust while others love it. Timesheets aren’t a surveillance tool, they’re an excellent way to help your team manage their time individually and for a company to assess its overall labor distribution and workload.

This tool will help you better understand how long certain tasks take, which will help you develop realistic expectations when working on a similar task in the future. If timesheets aren’t your team’s cup of tea, experiment with other time tracking tools. Autonomy is one of the top 10 factors that affect employee and employer happiness in the workplace.

Give your team the freedom to discover what works for them.

Engage your team professionally and socially

Working From Home (WFH) has several perks but loneliness is a common downside, especially for employees that are new to it.

Offices are a naturally social space, even when everyone has their heads down and fingers typing away. 20% of the remote workers surveyed in this study cited loneliness as a top struggle when working outside the office.

Keep team spirit on the up by encouraging transparency (lead by example) and rounding everyone up for an occasional happy hour. With remote teams being hyper focused on work and meeting deadlines, lighten the mood by compensating for the social distance. Ensure your team knows they can still call on you when they’re feeling distressed or overwhelmed.

There can be an element of coddling your team in a traditional workspace. Use WFH as an opportunity to spark employee autonomy, creativity, and team cohesion. You may find that your team levels up during this time.


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