5 reasons why remote working is so popular

Published by WitWork Team on April 12, 2020

Remote working has taken the world by storm, with both freelancers and full-time employees joining the movement. From lower costs to higher productivity levels, here are the top reasons remote working is popular.


1. Remote working is easier on the wallet than an office

Even an inexpensive office in the suburbs can’t compete with remote work spaces, some of which cost as little as AED 10 per day. A bounced cheque is every office tenant’s worst nightmare, and all it takes are a few unpaid invoices for an independent worker to be in hot water. The casual nature of remote work spaces, and the affordability, have led to their booming success.

2. Employees are more productive outside the office than inside it

There are 521 million square feet of flexible work spaces in the world. That’s 40 Dubai Malls! With the steady rise of the digital nomad revolution, an increasing number of companies are open to remote workers. The proof is in the pudding – or in the statistics, in this case – with 64% of remote workers being better able to complete tasks by the deadline.



3. Flexible work spaces are better than networking events

Networking is a controversial term – some love it, others hate it. Digital nomads make connections more organically as there isn’t an imposition to swap business cards and “work” the room for three hours.

4. Employees are either in a meeting or traveling because of it

Meetings, just like networking, are a controversial topic. Ask your team about them, and you will land another meeting. Upon interviewing senior management, the Harvard Business Review discovered that meetings are actually hindering employees from getting work done. A stunning 65% of senior managers said they are unable to complete their tasks because they’re stuck in a meeting room. When you’re not in a meeting, you’re either travelling to or from it, when combined with the task of finding a parking spot – is your chance of getting a decent day’s work done, shot down.

Flexible and remote working spaces make it easier for digital nomads to travel to their meetings, as they can choose which space to work from on any given day. With these spaces located in trendy restaurants and chic hotels, clients are less peeved to travel to meetings as well.

5. A change of scenery

Office employees have to work at the same desk, at an office with the same view, for nine hours a day. This would deplete anyone’s drive and creativity.

Remote work spaces are located in versatile environments – bustling with life and an engaging atmosphere – which inspires and boosts productivity.


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